What's Your Excuse?

What do you want out of life? What dreams are you not pursuing and why? Is it fear? finances? routine? too many "I don't know how to do that's"? or maybe it's your past, your dreaded past.  Well, I think it's time to put all that stuff aside and take the first step toward whatever it is you have been putting off. God does not want us living stuck in a rut, He wants us living an abundant, full life. Now I am not of the "name it, claim it" "prosperity preacher" mind set. But I do believe that as long as we have prayed about something, waited patiently on God for the right timing, and believe He has given something a go ahead, then we are to move forward in faith and with a “whatever it takes attitude” and take the first step, and then the next...and the next... So often, we don’t even give God a chance to let something happen. When we constantly make excuses for why things don't happen, and we constantly say things such as "I can't start that business because I don't have the money", or "I can't do that because of my past (divorce, substance abuse, abusive relationship, etc.)", or even "I don't have the skills to do that", are we even giving God a chance?  I'm glad Noah didn't say "I really don't have the skills to build an ark".

God does not ask us for perfection, He just asks us to trust Him. It is time to take the first step into whatever it is you are feeling called to. It is time to stop living in our past, our fears, or whatever is holding you back and it's time to give God the victory. He has so much planned for you. He sees so much worth in you and He knows you can do it. So do I.

When our family began down this path of starting businesses, there were so many things which could have held us back. There were so many things which we were going to have to do which we had no idea how to do. There was also the financial issue. In the past three years we have had to learn how to design websites, learn SEO, design tradeshow booths, figure out how to get a homecare agency licensed by the state (two states), come up with all of the marketing material for a homecare agency and two other businesses, all while moving into and rehabbing a house. Now you may not have to move into a not habitable house, and you may not have to design your own website, but you may have to do other things which I have not had to do. My point is, with God in charge and with a "whatever it takes attitude", you can accomplish incredible things.

So I challenge you, take the first step. Have faith, move forward, and give God the victory.