Are you looking for faith based journaling prompts?

 sometimes we all could use a bit of help to stay focused, even on prayer.

This resource came about through my experiences with prayer journaling and a desire to spend a month focusing on praying scripture. I challenge you to try praying scripture for a month, you'll be glad you did.Our downloadable PDF, "31 Days of Journaling Through Scripture" is perfect for keeping your mind and your journaling focused on the Word of God and on what god is saying to you.

Each day you will be given one key word and an accompanying scripture. In addition you will be given instructions on what to write about. Each day you will be guided in your journaling with prompts which will:

  • build your faith
  • fill you with praise for the Lord
  • challenge you to confess things to the Lord
  • and more.

You can begin this journaling adventure on any day of the month. The prompts are numbered, so just begin on the number which corresponds to the date of the month you are on. Then continue to the end of the month and right into the next month till you have completed all the prompts. 

Join the Because L.I.A.D.A. adventure and receive "31 Days of Journaling Through Scripture" free. 


Sometimes we all need a bit of help to stay focused, even on prayer.

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